Uber Ace – Uber Malaysia introduces the Ace driver-partner incentive program

This afternoon I received a notification from Uber Malaysia about the new Ace incentive, where driver-partners can expect a more stable weekly income based on the number of trips completed per week. 
As an Ace driver-partner, you will be rewarded with earnings based on trip tiers, ensuring that your take-home net earnings are more stable without the stress of varying fares and incentives.

This incentive is a 4 week trial phase offered to select drivers in the KL & Seremban market from next week, Monday, 27th of November 2017. If you have received an SMS, email, or in-app notification, congratulations, you’re in the trial program.

According to Uber Malaysia, the new Ace incentive works through tiers of trips completed as per the image above. Probably easier if we break it down like so:

Bronze – 60-89 trips – RM550 minimum nett income
Silver – 90-119 trips – RM900 minimum nett income
Gold – 120-149 trips – RM1320 minimum nett income
Diamond – 150 trips and above – RM1850 minimum nett income

The way they calculate your nett income is:

If your weekly trips land on a certain tier and your nett income is below the stated minimum, Uber Malaysia will top up to meet the minimum income of that tier. However, if your nett income sits above the minimum nett income of said tier, it’s as per usual for you. 
Example: You complete 125 trips this week and earn RM1,200 in gross fares (RM900 in net fares after service fee) and RM200 in Boost/Quest incentives. You are in the Gold tier for the week and we will top up RM220 so that you earn RM900 + RM200 + RM220 = RM1,320 net.
The following week, you complete 62 trips and earn RM800 in gross fares (RM600 in net fares after service fee) and RM100 in Boost/Quest incentives. You are in the Bronze tier for the week. Since your net earnings of RM600 + RM100 = RM700 are higher than RM550, there will be no top-up.

The calculated nett income does NOT include driver referrals and toll reimbursements, so remember to not calculate tolls into your gross income which they have lumped together as part of your trip earning in your weekly statement before the breakdown.

You can read the announcement on Uber Malaysia's blog for further information and FAQs.


In my humble opinion, this may be great for driver-partners who:
  • misses out on one or both of the weekday/weekend quest incentives but has accumulated enough trips over a week, and/or
  • regularly drives outside of surge/boost zones.
This could also mean that Uber Malaysia is trying to encourage driver-partners to accept trips from outside of surge/boost zones to meet trip/tier requirements and receive the minimum weekly income top-up. This would be great as there are times that sitting in a boost zone does not guarantee a trip due to heavy concentration of driver-partners and we do not get to efficiently utilise our driving hours.

On a personal level, by looking at my previous weekly earnings, this incentive does not improve my takings as the boost zones & weekly/weekend quest incentives regularly pushes my earnings over the minimum nett income on each tier. As of this blog posting, I do not know how my boost zones & weekday/weekend quest incentives for next week looks like. We'll see if there is going to be drastic adjustments to boost/quest incentives for such a program to be attractive for driver-partners. I will update with follow-up posts when I have received my incentive update on Sunday afternoon.

Update: They've slashed my weekday quest incentive by almost 25%. Looks like this experiment is a go. We'll see.

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